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Publié le 15 Novembre 2020


Yes, I always want things to be done and in my control all the time. After 2 cancellations of our gala because of the pandemic, I am not going to hide that my energy is lesser but my students keep me going. They rehearse before and now non-stop and seeing them that motivanted, it pushes me to go forward and never surrender. The pandemic we are all facing is very hard to swallow because life is no longer normal like the lives (private and professional) we once knew. When will be the new normal free from virus or atleast? Only time can tell.
As I spent 3 hours in my bath tub last night (I often do it when I need that time to think), new ideas coming in my head for dance, this and that and etc. Our lives change and dance has changed as well. It's hard to accept these changes but with the help of time, we will all be fine. I always find beauty in the negative things. It may be boring at the moment coz limited access to activities but I guess we are all impatient to finally embrace back the lifestyle we had before the pandemic, hug tightly our loved one's without any barriers and to travel to places we've never been to or simply go back to these places that once captured our heart.
In my part, I will forever be grateful to all my 60 current students for never giving up on me and to our classes despite of the pandemic. You gals are always there for me and patiently sitting at my side till we'll be able to have our activities back to studios. I thank the new one's and those who want to be part of our school A-FORCE ACADEMY in #bordeauxmaville very soon. Don't stop! Hand in hand, we will all overcome this 💪💪💪💪🙏🙏🙏🙏 Dance like no one is watching and let all your emotions out. Trust me, it will make you feel better ❤
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Änna, professeur, chorégraphe et danseuse orientale à Bordeaux/Le Bouscat, Eysines, Mérignac, Talence et Pessac (école / cours de danse orientale pour les enfants, mère & fille, adultes et adolescents, cours de danse orientale en ligne-en temps réel à Bordeaux, Pessac et Talence, cours EVJF à Bordeaux). Notre association/école de danse est la toute première école/association de danse qui offre un gala virtuel en France pendant la pandémie. Pour vos soirées, stages, spectacles, cours collectifs, cours particulier/coaching privé, création d'une chorégraphie, voyage/séjour de danse orientale & tourisme avec Änna au Caire et à l’Étranger, n'hésitez pas à me contacter.

Änna is a professional bellydancer, choreographer, teacher and director of the ORIENTAL GROOVE bellydance festival in Bordeaux, France (bellydance regular classes, private class/private coaching, and online live classes for adults and children in Le Bouscat/Bordeaux, Pessac, Mérignac, Eysines and Talence). Don't hesitate to contact me as well for private events, shows and most especially if you want to join in our future bellydance trips abroad or in Cairo. Contact : Änna / / anna.orientale@yahoo.com http://www.annaorientale.com


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